BMW Faults


Do the axles of evil run through here?
Chris Plummer

BMW Sucks; Check out some of BMW Faults - Is BMW too powerful to be criticised?

BMW Sucks; well, at least they used to... In fairness it is hard to like the company because of the way they operate and their cars could easily have slipped into becoming pointless dinosaurs driven by twats. But, in fairness, they have been rather clever and they now have some reasonably decent cars with unbelievably efficient engines.

Unfortunately, these cars are still generally driven by gangsters and twats and the jury is out on how well tempered their corporate arrogance will be long term. So we will be watching...

But if you want to know about some of the issues with their older models Find out more

Or want to know how BMW could have become a dinosaur that might not have survived the recession?

Corporate arrogance, bullying, asset stripping or incompetence... The Story of Rover - you decide.

You're right, we still can't entirely forgive them...BMWSUCKS.COM, they tried to stop it, but WE DID IT ANYWAY!

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